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Ladies Tango Weekend

Next date to be announced soon…

The first ladies weekend was a huge success so more events like this will be announced for 2020 soon including -
‘Tango Roles weekend!’ 

The programme below will give you an idea of the format typically of one of our weekends. 

The first Ladies Weekend at the House of Tango with Bridget Mayer and Tracey Acosta! 

Two ladies of Tango with a wealth of experience to share with you in Tango Fandangos dedicated Tango Salon at the Ocean View Hotel, Bournemouth. Both Bridget and Tracey have performed and taught improvised Tango in some of the worlds most prestigious venues. In 6 workshops over the weekend they will be  exploring technique and giving tips to make your Tango dancing more enjoyable - it should be a fantastic  weekend for the chicas! 

Not to miss out, there will also be a workshop dedicated to the Leaders - both genders welcome - and of course the weekend would not be complete without dancing so there will be a milonga on the Saturday evening for everyone and on Sunday afternoon too to finish the weekend!

This weekend will also be supported by Kymmes Kreations who will be bringing her lovely range of clothing for you to buy. 

Friday 29th

The studio will be open for our regular Friday practica from 8.00-11.00pm.

The Programme 

Saturday 30th Nov

SESSION 1 - Two workshops:


Focus on Feet with Tracey

Speed and stability emanate from the feet. If the feet are in the incorrect position for the movement then you and your partner will be off balance. This workshop will focus on the detail of foot position and will promote precision and speed through exercises.


Elegant walking and Step Technique with Bridget

The walk and the way we step in Tango is a challenging task to master in this beautiful dance. Learn in detail the technique of the walk, correct weight displacement, body balance, control and dynamics in order to dance with confidence and style. We will also learn the difference between reaction and resistance which is so important in our role as followers.

If you want to become a lighter dancer and good follower then this workshop is definitely for you!

SESSION 2 - Two workshops:


Musicality - Milonguero style Tango with Bridget

Dancing to the popular Milonguero style Tango requires good reaction and feel for the music. The way we execute cohos or giros is also slightly different to that of Tango Salon as the steps are shorter and quicker. We will examine the difference of the 2 styles. Through musicality and rebound exercises we will learn how to respond well to the leaders quicker and smaller moves so that you can become a better Milonguera!


The Free and Standing Leg with Tracey

This workshop will focus on the importance of the free leg and how to use it to walk with elegance, maintain balance and develop dynamic rotations with the use of boleos.


Saturday Evening Milonga for everyone!

(Free entance for workshop attendees!)

Sunday 1st December

SESSION 3 - Two workshops:


Ochos, Pivots & Angles with Tracey

An ocho can have very little pivot and therefore little angle or a great deal of pivot and an extreme angle. Technique is important to ensure that the leaders body rotation is interpreted correctly by the follower. We’ll be looking at cohos, pivots and angles to the rhythm of vals.


Dedicated to Decorations with Bridget

Decorations are a key element for all Followers as they enable you to develop your technique and enhance your movement and musicality. Bridget will be focusing on a range of decorations that you can use on the social floor.

Sunday 1st December

SESSION 4 - 1 workshop:


Leading with Leo

This workshop is for leaders of both genders. Leo will be examining fundamental techniques of leading through exercises to enable you to become a more comptetent  leader with musical interpretation. 


Afternoon Tea dance for everyone

(Free entrance for workshop attendees!)

Tea/coffee/cakes provided


Any 1 session - £40pp

Any 2 sessions - £70pp

All 3 ladies sessions - £90pp

Workshop attendance to any one group includes free entry to the milonga on that day.

Session 4 Leaders with Leo - £20pp and includes afternoon Tea Dance.

Numbers are limited to 16 ladies per workshop. Reserve your space with a £20 deposit.

If you require a room overnight, there are plenty of reasonable hotels in the area but the Ocean View Hotel will give a 10% discount off the list price if you phone direct and quote ‘Tango’.

Tracey Acosta

Tracey with her partner Leo, are the hosts and organisers of 2 major annual Festivals in the UK. Leo is one of the most authentic Milongueros currently living in the UK. 

Tracey has danced Tango for nearly 20 years and has been  taught exclusively by Leo for the last 12 years. Having danced ballet from the age of 4 and then later Latin American and Ballroom, she understands different dance style technique and is able to analyse and offer clear explanation to people from other dance styles who wish to learn the Argentine Tango. She dances all the styles of Tango and all the rhythms and is dedicated to teaching the improvisational form of Argentine Tango.

Together with her partner Leo, they have now established a unique Argentine Tango School in Bournemouth since they moved to Dorset from London 3 years ago.

Leonardo & Tracey

Bridget Mayer

In 2001, Bridget spent one year in Buenos Aires where she underwent extensive training in Argentine Tango. She started her studies with Claudia Bozzo at the "School of Tango".

She acquired her Ladies technique skills through years of dancing, from her former partner Leonardo Fandango, and studying ladies styling whilst in Buenos Aires during her many visits. Her favourite ladies technique teachers are Johana Copes as well as Aurora Lubiz, renowned female dancers and teachers in Buenos Aires.

Bridget admires the authentic Tango such as Tango Salon and Tango Milonguero and over the years and during her travels to Buenos Aires she has developed a thorough understanding, feeling and approach for the authentic Tango, which she tries to transmit to her students in her group and private classes. Her ladies Technique workshops which she regularly runs in London are hugely popular and sold out. 

Leonardo & Tracey

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