MUCHACHOS COMIENZA LA RONDA  Guys, the round begins (1941)

Hey guys, the round begins, the tango is inviting to form it.

Who, hearing the beginning

of such a brilliant song, is not going to get up and dance?

And so entangling the emotion to this song

that goes deepeer in our souls.

Hey guy, the round begins...

Go into the salon.






The way we run our milongas...

Leo comes from a Tango family in Buenos Aires and his father was also a milonga organiser. So, we run milongas in this country in the traditional way. This means that the only rules we have are:


1.Dancers go anti-clockwise around the floor.


2.It is perfectly acceptable for dancers to overtake other dancers to maintain the flow around the floor as long as it is on the left side of the man.


3.Be respectful to all other people on and around the dancefloor


4.Use the cabeceo as much as possible as it is a more friendly and less intrusive way to ask someone to dance. We play music in tandas of 'threes' which we find is better for everyone as it enables people to swap partners more frequently.

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