Tango Workshops

Leo & Tracey Workshops with The Tango Temptation Group in Benson, Oxfordshire.


These 3 hour workshops have been very popular for the last 4 years and Leo and Tracey are delighted to be continuing to work with Mark and Sarah who run Tango Temptation.


The workshops are carefully structured with a balance of exercises and technique that enable all levels to take part whether Beginner or more Advanced. They are a fun way to learn the Tango and enjoy the company of other like minded people in a social environment! Always popular, early booking with Sarah is recommended!


Programme for the afternoon

Workshop from 2.00-5.00-pm with break for Tea and light refreshments






Benson Parish Hall, Sunnyside, Benson

Oxfordshire OX10 6LZ


Contact Sarah to book



  • February 11th

    Caminadas - the fundamentals of the Tango - technique and interesting walking patterns in the crossed and parallel system, introducing the tool of the rebound and changes of direction. Dancing to the music of Tango milonguero and in particular - D’Arienzo and Biagi.

  • March 25th

    Looking at the tool of the pivot as used in the technique of the ochos and giro. Dancing to the music of Tango Salon and in particular, Carlos di Sarli.

  • April 8th

    The role of ‘the cross’ in Tango. Looking at the linea and turning cross in the Orillero style of Tango. Exploring improvisations leading into dynamic movements from the cross position.

  • May 13th

    Playing with the tools of improvisation to interpret the rhythm of Vals. In particular exploring the syncopated timing to develop the theme of Vals Cruzado.

  • June 10th

    The change of direction is very important on a crowded social floor. In this workshop we will be looking at how the change of direction can also be developed to produce dynamic barridas and hooks.

  • July 15th

    We take a look at one of the fun rhythms of Argentine Tango - Tango Foxtrot! Light hearted and beautiful melodies make this a wonderful rhythm to dance, perfect for afternoon Tea Dances!

  • August 12th

    Time for Sacadas! Displacement of weight and hooks will be the theme for this months workshop, looking at how these fun movements can easily be improvised for the social dance.

  • Sept 9th

    Milonga time! Exploring the fastest rhythm of Tango - the milonga. This very underated and misunderstood rhythm is fun to dance - we will be explaining and exploring all the rhythms - lisa and traspie - needed to dance milonga well.

  • Oct 14th

    Volcadas and Colgadas - out of axis movements for the follower that produce interesting variations on the dance floor.

  • Nov 11th

    Soltadas and enganchadas are fun movements that can be put anywhere in the improvised dance to create dynamic variations for the dance floor.

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