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About us

Tango Fandango is run by Leonardo & Tracey Acosta. Together they are one of the most experienced professional Tango couples in the UK.

About Leo

Leo is Argentinian and comes from a Tango family in Buenos Aires - he has danced Tango for over 50 years since he was a young boy. Taught initially by his father, he learnt the authentic Milonguero style of Tango and in subsequent years the Salon and Nuevo styles. He has  danced in numerous theatres and milongas in Buenos Aires and Europe. 

He arrived in the UK in 2001 and quickly set up his School - Tango Fandango in London. Since then he has taught 100’s of students the authentic improvised Argentine Tango.

About Tracey

Tracey has danced ballet, Ballroom and Latin American dance for a large part of her life. Although she has danced Argentine Tango for nearly 20 years, she considers that she really started to dance when she met Leo 12 years ago. Leo re-trained her to dance the authentic Tango and now they specialise in improvisation, even in their performances.


Since their partnership started, Leo and Tracey have achieved an enormous amount. They have established their School, Tango Fandango, as one of the leading Schools in the UK, which promotes above all, the friendship and spirit of the Tango community.

They have performed in numerous high profile venues including re-establishing and hosting the Tango Supper at the prodigious Waldorf Hilton Hotel in London for 5 years.

They have established 2 successful International Tango Festivals - ‘the Dorset Tango Festival’, and ‘Bournemouth Aires’.

They have published their own methodology in their book - The ABC of Argentine Tango which is available on Amazon.

They produced and directed their own theatre show ‘Postcards of Tango’ with an International cast in Bournemouth.  

They have their own studio - ‘The Salon by the Sea’ for their classes and events at the Ocean View Hotel overlooking the sea in Bournemouth.

They have created their own online Video Course Channel where you can purchase complete online courses or become a member and enjoy the Video Resource Library.

Their classes are friendly, fun and relaxed and everyone is welcome!

Lock down Milonga Madness!

Twitter @LeoyTracey
Milonga Madness
Milonga Madness
Milonga Madness
Milonga Madness
Milonga Madness
Milonga Madness

Never taking themselves too seriously, some of the many characters Leo & Tracey portrayed during their popular online lockdown milongas which attracted people across the world!  

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