All our events can be booked via ‘Bookeo’ which allows you to select your class or membership package and pay for it online using Credit/Debit/Stripe or PayPal.

For every event you will see a Members and Non Members price. Once you sign up to become a Member and enrol in one of the Members packages, any of the future events you pay for will be significantly cheaper. 

For example, if you would like to do 1 group class a week on Thursday and take out the Tango Fandango Studio Membership, it will cost you just £40pp a month regardless of whether there are 4 or 5 Thursdays in the month! However, if you do not decide to become a member, each individual class will cost you £12pp and will still need to be pre booked and pre paid.

To Enrol

To enrol in one of our Membership packages which start from just £10pp/month, simply visit the Members Area here and sign up (it’s free).

Go to the Membership area, choose your Membership Package and that’s it!

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